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Party Kombucha Keg

Sale price Price SGD$340.05 Regular price SGD$408.60

Kombucha on tap!

We now have Kombucha on tap! Available for your parties. We will come, set up the keg, and break it down when you're finished or the next day!

Available in 2 sizes in whatever flavors we have available. Keg Kombucha is super tasty, not as dry as our bottled Kombucha and has a beautiful foamy head just like a beer. Makes amazing cocktail mixers and prevents hangovers.

22L or 50L

Requires refundable deposits for the keg ($50-100 depends on size) and carbon dioxide tank ($75) as well as minimal delivery, set-up and return trip costs which can all be paid upon delivery in cash. 

You can also use your own equipment if you have it and know how, or even come and pick up from our facility.

If you want Permanent installation we can build a kegerator for your home or office and just charge a refundable deposit for the parts, then just switch the keg out no deposit necessary. You will also get a much better price and free delivery. 

Special pricing available for startups and co-working space, tell your friends!