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Grassfed Local Milk Kefir - 400mL

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Milk Kefir is a powerfully probiotic culture for dairy milk that has been passed down for over a millenia. It is simply the most effective natural probiotic available and rivals pharmaceutical probiotics in many ways. It contains over 50 strains of probiotic bacteria and beneficial yeasts.

Comparison of probiotics in Milk Kefir

vs Vitagen & Yogurt


Yogurt Vitagen Milk Kefir


Probiotic strains




Colony Producing Units /mL

60 million

100 million 10 billion

Health Benefits:

  • Can remedy candida and rid you of H. Pylori, E Coli
  • Helps to restore optimal gut function
  • Balances gut flora
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Super immune boosting 
  • Can cure lactose intolerance (casein allergies cannot be helped)
  • Makes amazing smoothies!

About the Milk

Our Milk Kefir is made using milk from fresh locally farmed milk with NO ADDITIVES whatsoever

  • Lightly pasteurized for safety. Retains flavor and nutrients compared to Ultra-Pastereurized organic milks
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No stabilizers of any sort

These factors make our milk even cleaner than most organic milks which are generally homogenized, ultra pasteurized and stabilized to some degree to extend shelf life.

Our milk kefir is made with original kefir grains, unlike the imitation kefirs you will find in organic stores around Singapore. It is the only way to get the full range of probiotic benefits. We have also developed a proprietary brewing method that makes our kefir mild in flavor and thick and creamy like the store bought varieties.

Shelf life/Storage/consumption information:

  • Shelf life 1 month (if refrigerated 0-4deg C)
  • Recomended serving size 250-500mL, 1-2 x daily.
  • May become carbonated and bottle may puff out. This is normal. Lower the temperature on your fridge if you wish to stop this from happening