Bulk orders

For the entire month of August:
Bushwick Pte Ltd will be donating 5% of its revenues to RescueTaskForce.org for their flood relief efforts in Myanmar. You may also purchase pure donations in $5 increments using the donation product below.

[[[  These products are ONLY for the purchase of minimum 36 bottles (or 6 × 6 packs) across any products. They are discounted 10% for volume ]]]
WARNING: Do not mix these bulk items with regular items. Do not order bulk items if you have less than 36 bottles in your order, we will auomatically remove from your order the minimum number of bottles necessary to make up for the mistake and a refund will not be issued.
[[[   For purchases of LESS THAN 36 bottles visit this page instead. ]]]

Delivery Fees 

[Bulletproof, Elixir and Kefir delivered minimum one day per week]
We deliver every Monday and Thursday. Deadline for these deliveries is the day before at 5pm.
⦿   1-6 bottles ----- $8.95 Delivery   ⦿
⦿   6-23 bottles ---- $5.95 Delivery   ⦿
⦿   24-36 bottles - FREE Delivery   ⦿
⦿   36 bottles or more (ORDER HERE) FREE Delivery + 10% off   ⦿

      Live Elevated. Bushwick.


          Default Title ****ELEVATED* (8% off) $115.90
          Default Title ***ARISE* (5% off) $67.90
          Default Title **THRIVE* (3% off) $45.90
          Default Title *Myanmar Flood Relief Donation* $5.00
          Six-pack *[BULK] Original Kombucha 330mL (10% off) - Six-pack $32.40
          Six-pack [BULK] Chai Kombucha 330mL (10% off) - Six-pack $32.40
          Default Title [BULK] Gong Xi Fa Cai Kombucha Single *LTD EDT* $7.20
          Six-pack [BULK] Grassfed Local Milk Kefir - 400mL (10% off) - Six-pack $32.40
          6-pack [BULK] Original Turmeric Elixir 340mL (10% off) - 6-pack $32.40
          Six-pack [BULK] Vegan Probiotic COLD-BREWED Bulletproof Coffee 400mL (10% off) - Six-pack $32.40
          Default Title ADD FOR ALTERNATE DELIVERY DAY $5.00